Meals to GO


Here’s what people are saying about DeliWorks Meals To GO

DeliWorks is deliriously delightful. I ordered a ton of veg lasagna and froze it. Great salads and other vegetarian dishes. Best decision ever!!   L.D.

The soda bread is amazing!! Both lasagna options get rave reviews from our kids. Every soup we have tried so far is delicious. Can’t wait until next month to plan the physically-distanced-online-supper with our kids with meals prepared by DeliWorks.   T.C.

Totally loved the Salmon last week. Delightfully seasoned, melt in your mouth. Check it out!  B.H.

Order up some of your favourites, ready to finish in your home when you want.   Entrees are refrigerated, ready to bake or you can request them frozen, ready for your freezer.  Available in single quantities or in large portions suitable for 3 to 4 people.   Click on the photo below to enlarge the menu.

Order by phone 519-579-0777 and arrange for a pick up time.

Drop offs in K-W (with minimum order of  $40) can be arranged.


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