Healthy Options


Our regular selection of healthy options includes:

✓ Whole fresh fruit
✓ Breakfast Sandwiches are offered on whole wheat English Muffins or upgrade to a tortilla to keep the carbs factor low. Add lots of fresh vegetables to get your daily portions.
✓ Our eggs are freshly cracked so have no preservatives or added fats.
✓ Breakfast is an important part of your day. General MIlls cereals are available and include a portion of 2% milk to help you start your day with fibre, protein and calcium.
✓ Multigrain Toast with JIF peanut butter is a great source of protein and fibre
✓ Tropicana Juices (not from concentrate) – no added sugars
✓ V8 juice to get your daily portion of fruit and vegetables
✓ Stay hydrated with Aberfoyle spring or Perrier water
✓ Red Pepper Hummus with multigrain gluten free crackers is a great low fat snack
✓ Fresh vegetable sticks for you to crunch – ask to substitute a low cal or low fat dressing for a dip
✓ A variety of salads is available each day. Dress them with your choice from several low calorie or non fat options
✓ Our homemade soups are lower sodium and fat than most commercial options – many of our soups are high fibre, vegetarian, gluten free and often dairy free
✓ Try your sandwich on whole wheat or multigrain bread to up the fibre content or a lower carb tortilla wrap
✓ Skip the mayo and butter on your sandwich and use one of our mustards and / or hot sauces to increase the flavour component without adding fat. Load it up with lots of vegetables to increase your fibre intake and to get your daily portion of fruits and vegetables.

If you have special dietary concerns, please talk with us to find the options that will work for your regimen. We always have gluten free products available: bread, pizza, hamburg or hot dog buns, baked treats. Many items are, or can be made vegetarian or dairy free.

At DeliWorks we’re happy to work with you to help you make menu choices that work for YOU and keep you on track whatever your dietary needs.

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