For our clients in the Galleria building and our neighbours in the Kitchener downtown core, DeliWorks can prepare a variety of menus to suit your needs. We can provide foods, beverages and services for your meeting, luncheon, snack breaks, customer or staff appreciation events Below is a sampling of some of the options available. We are happy to customise a plan for you. Don’t forget, any day can be PIZZA DAY for your group with 48 hours advance orders.

DELI SANDWICH BUFFET (comes with disposable plates and napkins)
A selection of sandwiches, cut in quarters, featuring 9 different fillings (salad mixtures, sliced meats, vegetarian) on bakery fresh breads, kaisers and soft flour tortillas. Accompanied by crisp vegetables with dip, fresh fruit pieces and assorted Canadian cheese pieces.

Four quarters per person  10.95
Five quarters per person  12.95

PREMIUM SANDWICH BUFFET (comes with disposable plates and napkins)
A selection of premium sandwiches – featuring premium fillings such as sliced chicken breast, smoked salmon, sockeye salmon salad, prosciutto, deluxe egg salad, roast pork, rare roast beef and premium vegetarian options, served on croissants, bagels and premium breads/buns served with vegetables, cheese and fruit as listed above

Four quarters per person  12.95
Five quarters per person  14.95

SOUP AND SANDWICH MEAL (comes with disposable plates and napkins)
A selection of deli sandwiches as listed above (4/4’s per person), accompanied by an 8 oz. bowl of soup of the day, crackers, celery and carrot sticks.                                                       9.95 per person


Tray of assorted deli sandwiches (as described above)  5.95 per sandwich
Tray of assorted premium sandwiches 6.95 per sandwich
Soup of the day (8 oz.)  3.99
Vegetable tray with dip and assorted pickles and olives  2.99 per person
Assorted Canadian cheese pieces with crackers  2.99 per portion
Fresh Fruit Tray – assorted fresh fruit pieces  3.29 per portion
Premium Cheese and Fruit Tray 4.29 per person
    Assorted imported and premium domestic cheeses accompanied by
fresh fruit pieces and crackers
Salads 4.00 per portion
    Tossed, Caesar, Greek Penne, Spinach, Potato, Creamy Pasta Shells with Tuna, Fruit Salad, California Leaves
with an entree 3.00
Assorted squares and “finger” sweets  2.25 per person
Assorted Pastries  2.29 per person
    muffins, danish, scones, croissants, bagels with butter,  jams & cream cheese
Extra cream cheese / jam / peanut butter portions    @ 0.50
Assorted Large Cookies 1.00
Cold Drinks
Pop 355 ml can 1.50
Juices 300 ml 1.65
Water 500 ml 1.00
Milk 2% or Choc 473 ml 2.65
Coffee – includes cream/milk and sugar 16.00 per 2.25 L
Tea – steeped Tetley Tea –  includes cream/milk and sugar  8.00 per litre


This is a sampling of our lunch entree options suitable for groups of 8 or more. 48 hours notice is required

Classic 5 layer meat lasagna with our homemade meat sauce, cheeses and noodles, accompanied by rolls with butter and your choice of Tossed or Caesar salad.


per person

Roast Pork or Black Forest Ham
Savoury roasted pork loin or tangy glazed Black Forest Ham,  accompanied by mashed or scalloped potatoes, vegetable(s), gravy, apple sauce, roll and butter 12.50

per person

Chicken Breast Options
Alfredo –  a 5 oz. boneless chicken breast topped with either a creamy Parmesan Alfredo sauce


Parmigiana style – breaded with Panko crumbs, oven baked topped with marinara sauce and Mozzarella cheese,

either option is accompanied by rice or mashed potatoes, vegetable(s), roll and butter.


per person

Chicken Pot Pie
 our famous homemade flaky pie filled with tender chicken breast portions and mixed vegetables in a smooth veloute infused with sherry.  Accompanied by a tossed salad 11.95

per person

Cabbage Rolls
2 meat and rice filled rolls per person, accompanied by mashed potatoes, gravy and vegetable(s), roll and butter 10.50

per person

Cheese Cannelloni (V)
2 pasta rolls filled with a creamy three cheese blend, topped with Marinara sauce, accompanied by roll with butter and your choice of Tossed or Caesar Salad 10.50

per person

Savoury Sweet and Sour Meatballs
Meatballs, pepper strips and pineapple in sweet and sour sauce, with rice, roll and butter. 8.95

per person

Choose from Lorraine, Ham and Swiss, Broccoli and Cheese (V) or Tomato, Mushroom and Onion (V), accompanied by choice of Tossed or Caesar Salad, roll and butter. 10.50

per person

Choose from assorted squares and finger sweets,  a selection of pies, assorted cakes or tortes, various whole fruits or cut fruit tray.
All can be available with minimum notice.

(V) denotes suitable for vegetarians. Caesar Salad can be prepared with real bacon or with Smokey Soy Bits to make it suitable for vegetarians

Gluten free options available.

All meals include disposable service, napkins, straws (as required)

Coffee / Tea service includes all condiments

China service / stainless steel flatware available with minimum notice at a nominal charge.

Outside of the Galleria building a delivery fee will apply.

All prices subject to HST

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